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1. Out of stock!
2. Sign up
3. Email when available

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What people are saying about us

“ Our customers really appreciate having the Back in Stock option and our return both in terms of customer satisfaction and rescued sales far exceeds our cost. In addition, Back in Stock has consistently demonstrated first class customer support for this application. Recommended without reservation. ” Managing Director, DOOSH Streetwear
“I can’t tell you how excited I am to have installed this app. It's tripled my online sales... easy!” Laci, The Rage
“The app is working beautifully. It's changing the way we do business” Peter, Best Made Company
“Back in Stock is a reliable and valuable addition to our Sales and Customer Service. With Back in Stock, customers never reach a dead-end with out-of-stock items; they know and trust that their needs are attended to. On the operational level, it's fantastic support behind a fire & forget system: we update the stock and the notifications are sent. Done. Besides capturing otherwise lost sales, we gain peace of mind with Back In Stock - a rarity among apps. James, Kybun Shop
Installed by over
Notifications worth
$5 billion
of merchandise sent to customers

Five reasons to use Back in Stock

Increase sales from your existing traffic

Back in Stock makes it easy for customers to quickly sign up for a back in stock email alert.

The moment an item is available, your customer is automatically sent an email with a buy now button. You’ve made an extra sale, and your customer's life that much easier!

Simple setup

Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Simply install the app and a button saying ‘email me when available’ will immediately appear on all relevant product pages. Simple!

Measure demand, not just sales

Use the Back in Stock dashboard to immediately see what items customers want to buy. Or receive daily or weekly reports about which items are most in demand and the quantity you need to order.

Super friendly and experienced support

If you’ve got questions, before or after installation, just drop an email to [email protected]. We’ll get back to you quickly by email, and we won’t use tech language unless you do.

Powerful customization

We appreciate that you may want to integrate seamlessly with your store. We have a range of ways to do this, from simply changing the product page button image to your own integration with our JavaScipt API. We'll even help you do it!

Have some questions? Great!

Can I have the app match my site?
Yes! All the key elements - including button, form and email template - can be customized. If you get stuck we can even help you do it.
Can I have my own button in the page?
Yes, absolutely. If you are handy with HTML checkout the guide on how to add a custom product page button. If you need help doing this just shoot an email to [email protected].
What if I have different product sizes or colors?
No problem! Back in Stock works at the product variant level. Customers can specify the variant they are after and only receive a notification when that specific variant is restocked.
Does it work if I use an external inventory management system such as Lettuce?
Yes, almost certainly. Back in Stock works by monitoring the inventory level in your Shopify catalog. As long as your external inventory management updates the inventory quantity Back in Stock should work fine. Inventory tools such as Lettuce and Stitch work this way.

Here's a few answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you question isn't covered just drop an email to [email protected].

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